My new favourite coat

My new favourite coat

Let me just set the record straight – I am NOT an impulse shopper. Before I buy something, I’m guilty of reading every review under the sun, checking multiple websites and deliberating for days on end before I actually fork up the big bucks. All of which makes my acquisition of this particular coat even more surprising.

There I was in GAP on a cold November evening. There was a 60% sale going on (which is almost every week lately, to be honest), and I was wandering aimlessly while the husband went to get a haircut. And then I saw this coat. I remember walking up to it – almost in a trance, might I add – and trying it on. This involved taking off my coat, scarf, handbag and gloves but there was a voice in my head telling me that it was going to be worth it. And it was. I loved it instantly. I’ve never been for/against leopard-print. It’s always been there in the background – a nice statement for people brave enough to wear it, but not for me really. Not until now.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I irresistibly reminded myself of a mafia wife. But I kind of didn’t mind. And to make things even better, the coat was half off – reduced from £154.95 to £79.95. Should I take it? Should I replace it on the rack and run out? Should I go get a piece of cake? So many questions. I decided against it, and reluctantly put it back on the shelf. I left GAP feeling slightly sad, and despite going into Kiko, H&M and Paperchase, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I called up D (who was probably in the barber’s chair) asking him what to do. He said it’s up to me, which didn’t help. I then walked back into GAP, and tried it on the second time. The sales assistant there smirked at me, but I was too busy stroking the coat to really care.

I then left the shop for a second time without buying it. How, then, did I end up with this coat, you may ask? Darius saw my mental anguish and walked me back into GAP. This time, I didn’t even try it on – just took it straight to the counter and bought it. And I’ve had no regrets since.


Enough of the prequel – now onto the coat itself! It’s soft, fairly warm, and very oversized. I’m usually a size 8-10, and I bought it in XS. It’s still pretty big on me. Having never owned a leopard-print coat before, I didn’t want to relegate it to being an occasion-only type of coat. So I mostly wear it with jeans. I think I prefer it with blue jeans, because it looks a little more dressed down. I think it would look fantastic with dresses and tights as well.

My favourite outfit with this coat is the one in the photos – a plain black top and black belt with gold buckle, mid wash Levi’s skinny jeans, heeled back ankle boots (sorry you can’t see them in the photo) and a black handbag.



A word of warning, though – its fit and dropped shoulders mean that it’s not the most flattering coat in the world. It doesn’t bother me, but if you’re looking for something more fitted, you might want to steer away from this style. Having said that though, pulling it around yourself is just about the coziest thing ever.



This coat is still available on the GAP website, so if you’re interested in buying it, go have a look! I’m glad I (eventually) bought it – and it’s opened me up to possibly trying out more clothes/accessories in leopard print. Another coat might be a bit much (not quite there yet!) but I’m happy I stepped out of my comfort zone a little. Let me know what you think, and if you’ve ever had an encounter with animal print! It’s a brave new world for me. 😀



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