This is Percy

This is Percy

Since this is a new blog and you probably don’t know much about me, I think it’s the right time to introduce you to Percy, our beautiful black cat. He’s almost two years old, and my husband and I adopted him from BARKS, an animal charity in Banbury.

If you know me in real life (or follow me on Instagram), my love of cats will come as no surprise. I love all animals, and owning a pet has been something I have wanted for pretty much my whole life. In fact, I vividly remember putting together a powerpoint presentation when I was 13, in a bid to convince my dad to let me get a puppy. It did not work, but hey, at least Clippy shared my pain. Anyway, I digress.

Percy is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He’ll sit right next to a running Hoover and not bat an eye, but the minute someone rings the doorbell, he bolts up the stairs and under the bed. He’s friendly, playful, loves people, eats all my plants and always wants to be in the midst of everything. He waits for me at the window *every single evening* when I get home from work and then runs to the door the minute he sees me walking up to the house. He really is the sweetest cat, and I might be biased here, but he’s also the most handsome.


When we adopted him, the lovely people at the animal shelter were extremely grateful that we wanted a black cat. They said that people are still reluctant to do so. Apparently it’s not about superstition anymore. It’s because people think black cats don’t photograph well and won’t get as many likes on social media. Yeah. That’s a thing now. Apart from being vile and just flat out wrong (the above photo is proof), I can’t believe that people wouldn’t want to give an animal a home because of how it might affect their online persona. Just thinking about it makes me so mad, but I don’t want to make this post a ranty one, so let’s move on.

Percy brings so much happiness into our lives, and I can’t imagine not having him be a part of our family now. If you’ve got pets, you don’t need me to tell you this. And if you’re thinking about getting a pet, please consider adoption. The whole process took about a week and a half – from seeing him on the website, visiting him in person, the home visit and finally bringing him home. It’s not complicated at all, and if you have the chance make your house a forever home for an animal, you should take it. 🙂

I’m going to leave you now with a print I made of him. I had an idea for a series of graphic ‘Percy’ prints but this is the only one I have so far. I might get back into it when I get a little more time.


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